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Top Four WordPress Security Plugins

About Security For WordPress We have recognized that many individuals do not know about security plugins for WordPress, and how fundamental these plugins are essential for a healthy website. We hope to help newcomers gain a better understanding of security and these...

BabaYaga: The Vile Malware That Attacks From Within

We have realized a new security risk for Word Press users. The new malware can affect millions without them knowing it infects them. What is shocking about the new malware is that it removes malware while infecting the site with malware?

Is Gutenberg The Editor Of The Future?

Gutenberg is expecting a release to the public, and it may come with every installation of WordPress. WordPress has announced that the plugin could redefine how people create content for websites. Gutenberg is a page builder that can assist with building content....


LeRoy S. McQuay is a developer with expertise in coding, PHP, and WordPress. In the past five years, he has focused on WordPress within the website industry. Some typical projects include Xensor Community, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Xensor Nightshade. He has a...