Hello, I am LeRoy McQuay, and I am a Web Designer who works with Xensor Community to build and maintain their website. I also manage to brand for the community. I also developed new features for the members.

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Judgement Pass Upon Cowards


I enjoy when people cry like cowards. They always amuse me. Especially the ones who go and complains to another person about their issue and expects a different outcome. These are the ones who would end up dead if the world would ever come to an end. Only the strong will survive, and these type of people are too much of a coward even to fight to live. Cowards always depend on others. As a result...

The Wing Sung 698 Fine Piston Filler Demonstrator


Wing Sung 698 Description The Wing Sung 698 is a transparent piston filler demonstrator. The nib is an excellent steel point. Also, the nib is steadier than a brass nib. Furthermore, the pen designed in China. As a result, it is cheaper than other pens out there including the TWSBI. In summary, this is a clear demonstrator with a cap locking piston filler. Review The Wing Sung 698 is a...

Founder’s Biography


Hello, I am LeRoy McQuay. I am a web developer, which I have 2 years experience in PHP and WordPress. I am able to create web applications using WordPress and PHP. Also experienced with customer relations and handling. I have worked in the fast food field with 1-year experience. While I have worked in the fast food field, I have learned more on handling customers, obtaining customers orders and...

Lucifer “Off The Record”


The episode starts off with the reporter waking up in the hospital. With his second chance at life, he tries to do right with his ex-wife. On the negative side, this is until he finds Lucifer been sleeping with his wife. In summary, he hunts down Lucifer due to him sleeping with Linda.

Good Friday


Today I woke up at 12pm. I made me a cup of coffee with 2 tsp of sugar and 1/4 tsp pumpkin spice creamer. I also smoked a cigarette. While I was waking up, I was working on the website. Around 3pm, I walked to the store and bought my fiance tobacco and a R/C cola. Which she enjoyed. When I dropped the items off, she was happy. Though the puppies were waiting for me at the door. My big puppy...

U.S Marine Corps History


The Marine Corps created on November 10, 1775. Also, their location is at Tun Tavern. Their mission was to conduct ship combat, provide shipboard protection and assistance with landing forces. In conclusion, due to changes in the military doctrine, the mission evolved. The first amphibious mission was on foreign soil in the Bahamas in March 1776. In addition, Cpt. Samuel Nicholas was the first...

Xensor Nightshade Biography


Xensor Nightshade is a demon who became power hungry and started on an adventure to destroy humanity as he hated humans. His pain started from a single incident in his past. Xensor had a narrow, chiseled cheekbone and a pointed chin. With his eyes red tinted with orange. thin eyebrows perfectly arched slightly curved of his eyes. A scar on his right cheek under his eye, shape as a curve matching...

Autism Diagnostic


Autism refers to a range of conditions identified by challenges such as social skills, repetitive behavior, speech, and nonverbal communications. As well as unique differences.  There are many types of autism. Which happens due to different combinations of genetics and environment influences. Tropical cases shows signs of Autism between 2 and 3 years of age. Although, it can be diagnose as early...

Posting Templates


Hello, we decided to make a template for everyone to use. This can make it easier for our members to create content. It’s a template, which means you can modify it to what you wish. You do not need to use every part or any of it. Description <h2 class="subtitle fancy">Product Description</h2> <p>body</p> Review <h2>Review</h2> <p>body</p> Pros...

Pilot Pen Co


Company Profile Pilot is a Japanese company mainly engaged in stationery items. Pilot was founded by Ryosuke Namiki. Born in Japan in 1880. Namiki graduated from Tokyo Mercantile Marine and became a professor. Before becoming a professor, he was a merchant ship’s chief. While at home, he would use technical pens to design drawings. Namiki later patented a non-clogging drafting pen due to...


Hello, My name is LeRoy. My mother is Bonny. I have 2 brothers named Kevin and Ryan. I was born on (November 17, 1988) in Cumberland, NC. My name LeRoy (Le Roi) is French and means “King”. I was named after my grandfather. I am a fun person to hang out with and people always tell me that I am the life of the day.



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