April 20, 2017
The Beginning of Xensor Nightshade
April 20, 2017

Hello, I am LeRoy. I am a Web Designer. I am engaged to a beautiful autistic woman, who is amazing and believes in me. She enjoys being around me due to my personality being helpful. I value life as if it’s my last second. I try to help others in need when I can, due to that I know how it feels to be down on my luck.

When I am not working, I try to help my family out with any issues they may. Whether it be a computer issue, emotional issues, life crisis or anything that I can help with. I am also good with computers. I can repair and fix computers as long as I do not have to go digging into main files.

My hobbies are as follows: Fishing, visiting mountains, camping, nature walks, relaxing while enjoying some music, playing games with the fiancé and the family, watching movies or television shows, help with cooking, and also just listening to my fiancé.

I know I mentioned my fiancé being autistic. Some of you may be wondering how that is or what it is like to be with someone with autistic. Well, the truth is, it’s the same as being with anyone. They are the same as everyone else, they do everyday tasks like we do, though some may react different to the everyday task then we do. My fiancé doesn’t really do well doing allot of the tasks, but that’s what I am here for. When she gets over whelmed with tasks, I try to take some of the load off of her.

I have to say, I am actually happy that I met her. She has opened my eyes to new things in life and new meanings of living. I have learned new things, new ways of handling different situations and best part is learning more and more about autism.

My mother, I have so many things I can say about her that I don’t even know where to begin. So, I will start with this. She gave birth to me on November 17th, 1988 in Cumberland, North Carolina. She raised me on as a single parent. Taught me how to survive on my own and how to handle daily life routines and what happens when it gets hard. She taught me to not give up on anything I want to do or become. She served our country in the army. She also survived breast cancer. She going on 7 years with overcoming breast cancer. She is tough and I am happy that is my mother and father. She been there for me the whole time. From beginning to now. She will always be. I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Xensor Nightshade is a demon who became power hungry and started on a adventure to destroy humanity as he hated humans. He over-powered Lucifer and went on with the adventure he set forth.

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