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April 20, 2017
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April 25, 2017
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Morte Desiderio

Bradley75 is a name for a character I created when I was an old player of combat arms. I went by thygrim and was a captain until the game decided that legit players who quit buying game-points are hackers and bans them.

I went to ava with the same name and got to major 4th class. I was a beast in it. But after a few years of playing it started to get boring due to every update was nothing new being brought out. Weapons just being re-skinned and Nerf so much.

So, one day I decided to try out Neverwinter. I picked Morte Desiderio because it’s Italian/Latin for ‘Deathwish’. It was an old nickname I was given in fps games. People would say as I entered that the game is over due to deathwish just came in. I was known to go 25/5 in games. I could turn games around fast when I joined.

I just want to relax and enjoy a game, so I joined this and started to like it. After playing for a while, I found that it is relaxing and enjoyable.

Well, that’s all for now.

Character Profile:

Character Name: Morte Desiderio
Class: Great Weapon Fighter
Guild: Social Alliance Alliance of Fabled
Race: Human
Level: 70
Precentage Completation: 65%
Xensor Nightshade is a demon who became power hungry and started on a adventure to destroy humanity as he hated humans. He over-powered Lucifer and went on with the adventure he set forth.

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