Xensor Nightshade

Destroying Earth Continent by continent

Our Mission Statement

Xensor Nightshade is not a creature to be taken lightly. Make a mistake and it can cost you your life.

Xensor Nightshade is a demon who became power hungry and started on an adventure to destroy humanity as he hated humans. He overpowered Lucifer and went on with the adventure he set forth.

Xensor Demon Form

Xensor was going from country to country and finding which one to destroy. The first stop was England. He went there because it seemed like the most precious place in the world to show he was serious about what he plans on doing.

While on his mission, he has encountered arc angels and defenders of the earth to try and stop him from accomplishing his mission. Unfortunate, they have failed and Xensor has successfully destroyed England with one blow of his power. After seeing his full power, the globe leaders started to join together to find a way to stop Xensor from destroying any more countries.

Xensor then headed to the United States where he went to an area named Parkersburg and met a girl who he fell in love with. Even tho he hates humans, he seems to be a fund with this woman. She was able to make him feel like he was alive and happy. After meeting her, he offered a deal with the global leaders.

Xensor’s deal was that all humans are to start showing loyalty and care for earth or he would destroy it. If they fail to do so and go against the deal, he would destroy all humans but his girlfriend.

Misty is the name of Xensor’s girlfriend who they been seeing for 7 years. On the anniversary of their relationship, Xensor asked Misty to marry him. After proposing to her, she agrees to marry him. After their wedding, Xensor gave up his adventure on destroying the world and decided to start a new adventure with Misty.


  1. Nov 17, 9997 B.CXensor Nightshade Was Born in Hell
  2. May 17, 3500 B.CXensor visits Germany and likes the scenery
  3. April 17, 1500 B.C Xensor visits the shopping area for food and drinks
  4. June 25, 500 B.C Xensor Leaves Germany to visit other countries
  5. July 4, 0 B.C Xensor watches as everyone laughs in joy

Name (& pronunciation): Xensor Nightshade
Date of Birth (& age): 20 Eons Years Ago
Place of Birth: Hell
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Demon
Social Class/Community Status: Hated/Feared
Language: English
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Misty Nightshade

Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 165 LBS
Hair: Black with blue stripes and white tips (lightening like)
Eyes: Reddish like flames
Detailed Physical Description: Built
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Dark clothing

Personality/Attitude: Humanity must die
Skills/Talents: Can eliminate humanity with a snap of a finger.
Favourites/Likes: Wife
Most Hated/Dislikes: Humanity
Goals/Ambitions: Destroy Humanity
Strengths: Too many
Hobbies/Interests: Destroying humanity
Philosophy of Life: Why do humans exist, when all they do is destroy everything in there path. Thus, they need to be destoryed
Attitude Toward Death: Is Death
Place/Type of Residence: United States

My Profiles

Xensor Nightshade Bringing destruction with every path.